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The high quality of services offered by Colian Logistic is not only the consequence of modern technical facilities. Every day, the company's specialised employees strive to meet the growing expectations of customers. The company has a professional and experienced team, constantly strengthened by young and ambitious professionals. Colian Logistic staff execute over a dozen thousand orders per month. They cooperate with all retail chains, hyper- and super-markets, wholesalers as well as individual clients.


Colian Logistic invests in technoloy and innovation. The company focuses on modern solutions, such as the ERP system SAP WM or TMS which provides support in the areas of inventory management, availability control, and supervision of product expiration dates To assure the right level of services, the company makes every effort to minimise the risk of errors. For this purpose, it uses high quality terminals, both manual and vehicle mount ones.

The company increases the efficiency of services provided and is able to meet the highest expectations of customers thanks to cutting-edge solutions.

The main logistics centre of the company is located in Kostrzyn Wielkopolski. This facility has a distribution warehouse with the surface of 12,000 sqm with the capacity of 16,000 pallet spaces. 


Modern warehouses are also not lacking in the other aforementioned locations, where a total of 100 000 pallets for over 60 000 m2 are stored together.


The scope of services includes:

  • loading and unloading of deliveries,

  • storage,

  • co-packing,

  • order picking,

  • labelling,

  • handling orders,

  • returns and invoicing.

It should also be emphasised that the stock taking process of the facility is fully automated.