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As a logistics operator, the company offers also customer service. Handling orders and invoicing consists in cooperation with network clients (EDI, FAX, Mail), wholesalers and individual clients. A professional and experienced team dealing with external customer service provides support in the field of inventory monitoring, handling returns, complaints and archiving documents.

As an additional service, we suggest servicing your clients through a professional and experienced Customer Service team. The advantage of this type of services is greater flexibility and lower operating costs as well as other benefits:


  • saving money - you pay only for the number of orders processed in a month, thus there are no costs related to the maintenance and training of employees and the provision of a workplace (premises, equipment, etc.) on the part of the client

  • customer service - network (EDI, FAX, Mail), wholesale and individual, as well as support for a team of representatives in the field, active sales support, service and settlement of promotions

  • building the company's image - we have a team of experienced and reliable employees which gives you the opportunity to use our best practices, knowledge and experience gained while working for various clients

  • professional handling of complaints - care for the correctness of invoice documents and the manner of handling complaints and returns is an important element of the assessment of cooperation, affecting the image of your company, which is why we offer monthly monitoring with analysis of areas for improvement

  • flexible and easy process management - developing clear cooperation procedures in the field of customer service in line with your expectations

  • management and archiving of documentation (orders, invoices, confirmed WZ documents, complaint documents and corrections) available at your reques

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